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Old Enfield Guarantee

Old Enfield Guarantee
When we say our gear will last for generations, we mean it. 


Policy Details: 

The Old Enfield guarantee covers the failure of materials or workmanship, including manufacturing defects, discovered through normal wear of the product. We will either fix it or replace it, at no cost to the customer. Our guarantee applies to all Old Enfield products regardless of where it was purchased.


Repair Details: 

Please note, that if a repair is possible but the item is heavily soiled, we reserve the right to send back dirty or soiled items. Please thoroughly clean your item of any dirt, debris, blood, feathers, mud, etc.… before it is shipped. If your item is deemed too soiled to work on, we will return it to you for cleaning, and you may be required to send it back in at your own expense.

Send us an email for any repairs or replacement inquiries.

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