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How to: Wax Canvas Cleaning

The complete guide to cleaning wax canvas baggage, hunting belts, luggage, hats, old enfield supply co.


The Basics of Wax Canvas Maintenance

Wax canvas is an extremely durable fabric that requires minimal care. However, just as you should not wash fabric upholstery or a leather product such as shoes, gloves, or jackets, you should not dry clean or use detergent on your Old Enfield Supply products.


A periodic cleaning with a hose, damp cloth or soft scrub brush for heavy dirt is all that is needed. Your shower works equally as well. Sometimes a mild bar or flake soap (not detergent) or even Saddle soap will remove stubborn stains.


To be completely satisfied with the performance of your wax canvas products, there are several important issues to remember: When cleaning try using water first with a slight brushing or scrubbing. Use a little bar soap or flaked soap or Saddle soap, only if necessary, and on specific areas only. Never use detergent, liquid or powdered. Never dry clean, as the solvents will remove the finish.